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Musketeers Locations: Convent

One of my favorite locations ever for very obvious reasons. Which was particularly great because we (or at least I) didn’t really expect anything from it. I kept saying I’d be happy to just look at it from the outside, I don’t need to go in (because of our time constraints), but inwe-k wanted to. Considering it’s a bit of a hike up there, I was a little skeptical, but boy am I glad that I listened to her. This place is amazing. The rooms are tiny, I have no idea how they fit a whole crew in there (especially the bedroom – which IS an actual bedroom with a canopy bed and everything) and they used a lot of the actual furniture that’s there. The infamous gate “that’s open to everyone, day and night” is actually quite firmly bolted shut, though, which is probably why we kept overlooking it until we were back home and rewatched the episode (and then realized where it was).

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    Sssshhhh. People really don’t need to know what kind of shenanigans we get up to in these places when nobody’s looking……...
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    And we were lucky that it wasn’t very busy so we could have our own photo shooting there 😆
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